7 Best Multimeter for Electricians Top Review 2023

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If you are looking for the Best Multimeter for Electricians, please keep reading as we provide all information you need in just an article.

Whether you are a residential or commercial electrician, getting the right safety equipment and tools for your job mustn’t be overlooked.

One of those essential tools is the multimeter, but you may ask how to select one considering many models available in the current market.

With that in mind, we’ll help you out with a detailed review best multimeters for electricians and buy a guide for you.


Fluke 117 Multimeter Review.

What do the symbols on a multimeter mean?

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The importance

Before diving right into the detailed review, you should look through the importance and the type of multimeter below.

Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter (VOM), also called voltmeter, is entirely essential for a multiple of electrical works.

Without a multimeter, it’s perilous and challenging for you to install an electric fixture, troubleshoot circuit issues, and measure resistance, voltage, and current.

There are two main types of multimeter available on the market today: analog and digital multimeter.

In general, they share the same functions except for the main difference in terms of display.

Specifically, the analog device’s display has a needle on its gauge.

Both those devices can make the job of a technician or engineer safer and more straightforward.

However, currently, the best digital multimeter for electricians is much more preferred than its analog counterpart because it features higher and quicker reading, and it looks a bit sleeker.

Top Multimeter for electrician review

Below we will show you specific features of both of these two multimeter types, their pros and cons, and factors that you should consider before any purchase.

Follow our guide, and you’ll get the device that can save your time, give accurate readings, and have a powerful battery capacity.

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS  Best Multimeter

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Anyone who has used his 117 Electricians model must agree that it is the best Fluke multimeter for electricians.

Featuring Fluke’s tagline “The Ideal Multimeter for Electricians”, this model offers an ergonomic design, top-notch TRMS accuracy, and fascinating durability.

Looking at it, you will find that it has a crystal-clear LCD with backlit LED, and its interface is surprisingly easy to use.

Notably, this Fluke multimeter is unrivaled in its versatility.

Its AutoVolt selection can pick up current or alternating voltages automatically.

It can also detect even voltages as low as 0.

0001V with high precision thanks to its low impedance mode.

Like the best clamp multimeter for electricians, it can detect voltages without contact.

You only need to hover it over the object to receive surprisingly precise results.

However, one of the shortcomings of this digital model is the inability to measure CAT IV, together with the lack of a thermocouple for temperature measurement.

Even worse, some may find it a bit more expensive than other brand’s digital multimeters.


  • Compact and stylish design with a backlit screen
  • Non-contact voltage measurement feature
  • Voltage and precise current readings with True RMS
  • Automatic AC/DC and AutoVolt function


  • Lacking CAT IV measurement feature
  • No thermocouple to measure the temperature
  • Slightly more pricey than those of other brands

Final Verdict: Regardless of its downsides in terms of CAT IV and temperature measurement, it’s still worth a position in our list given its unrivaled True RMS, Automatic AC/DC, and AutoVolt functions.

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Multimeter for electrical engineering

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Another device from Fluke, the 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter, is also ranked as the best Fluke digital multimeter for electrical engineering.

With True RMS, this model helps the electricians measure current, voltage frequency, capacitance, etc.

quickly and precisely.

With a large display screen, this Fluke device facilitates your viewing and inspection.

Also, its maximum voltage AC/DC 600v, the CAT III safety rating means that you don’t need to worry about its precision or your safety during troubleshooting or measuring work.

Honestly, the unique feature of this multimeter is its built-in temperature reader that can work in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

The readings can also be saved automatically in their memory for your later data reference.

Like most Fluke multimeters, it possesses the fantastic auto power-off feature.

The drawback of the Fluke 115 may come from its inability to measure milliamp/micro-amps.

Besides, its poor viewing angle is sometimes irritating, and even worse, its display contrast seems to degrade after a short time of operation significantly.


  • Reliable build quality with large screen
  • Impressive True RMS measuring ability
  • Two-scale built-in temperature reader
  • AC/DC 600v and CAT III environment rated


  • Lacking milliamp/micro-amps measurement features
  • Difficult viewing angle
  • Quickly degraded display contrast

Final verdict: The Fluke 115 Compact model is rated as the best multimeter for electrical engineers, especially the best multimeter for electrician apprentices who want to find the best budget multimeter with the necessary qualities.

87-V Multimeter for residential and commercial electricians

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The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is indeed one of the best HVAC multimeters for both residential and commercial electricians.

It is ideal for electrical troubleshooting and other related works since it can precisely measure voltage, current, and frequency.

What’s more, the Fluke 87-V device has the built-in thermometer not offered by low-end Fluke multimeters and the same class models from other brands.

Specifically, it helps you to measure the temperature with ease without a separate thermometer.

It’s also regarded as one of the safest digital multimeter on this top list, considering its multiple safety features.

For instance, it possesses CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V safety rates, so electrical engineers or electricians can work safely with this fascinating tool.

However, the downside of the Fluke 87-V  is that it’s slightly bulkier, heavier, and more pricey than others of the same class.

Also, many users complain about its small display screen which is challenging for them to read at angles.


  • The built-in thermometer for HVAC applications
  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V safety rated
  • Auto-shutoff and audible warning
  • Low-pass filter for more accurate readings


  • A bit bulky and heavy design
  • Small display screen for reading at angles
  • More pricey than the same models of other brands

Final Verdict: In general, despite some flaws in the design, it is one of the most suitable tools for electricians in terms of its accuracy, safety ratings, and low-pass filtering.

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter

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For those yearning for the best multimeter for electronics, the Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter is the one that can be right up your alley.

Outside of the user-friendly interface, it also features a compact and portable design so that you can use it single-handedly or carry it around with ease.

Despite the seemingly small size, it’s still a reliable device that excels in a multiple of DIY electronics work.

In terms of performance, it’s very dependable enough for both residential electricians and technicians to pick it as their go-to device.

Besides, this digital device has a power-saving mode to help prolong the life of two AAA batteries it runs on.

Also, it features an automatic ranging selection that facilitates quick testing and a capability to save your readings in memory for your later reference automatically.

Honestly, an irritating shortcoming of the Fluke 101 Basic may be the slightly slow response speed and some error in the frequency reading.

What’s more, it cannot test the capacitance, and it may not be a good pick for commercial use.


  • Portable design with a user-friendly interface
  • Automatic power-save mode and ranging option
  • CAT III 600 V safety rating
  • Excellent performance in DIY electronics work


  • Occasionally flawed frequency readings
  • The slightly slow time response speed
  • Not ideal for commercial electricians

Final Verdict: Despite some defects in reading frequency and response time, It still has regarded as one of the best multimeter for residential electricians due to its essential features.

Klein Tools MM400 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

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The Klein Tools MM400 is one of the digital clamp multimeters positively reviewed by many users.

It can meet both the needs of professional electricians and the apprentice electrician in terms of electrical measurement, diagnosis, maintenance, or equipment installation.

This model features a backlit LCD screen, making it easy the work in dim or light-lacking residential or industrial environments.

Also, it can measure up to 600V AC/DC and 10A current, which is not inferior to almost any kind of the same-class multimeter.

What many like, especially apprentice electricians, about this Klein Tools MM400 is its automatic range-setting feature, requiring no manual work to manage it.

Besides, the included thermometer allows for measuring the temperature without the aid of an extra tool.

However, it’s a bit disappointing with the inaccurate True RMS feature and the inconsistency for sensitive electronics checking.

Even worse, the screen contrast of this device may make users have difficulty measuring under certain angles.


  • Lightweight design with a backlit LCD screen
  • Automatic range-setting feature
  • Suitability for electronics hobbyists and apprentices
  • Reasonable price for those on a budget


  • Inaccurate True RMS technology
  • inconsistency when checking electronics
  • Poor screen contrast at certain angles

Final verdict: The Klein Tools MM400 is among the best budget multimeter for electrician apprentices and electronics hobbyists due to its reasonable price and standard features.

Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Multimeter

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Featuring True RMS technology, low impedance function, and pass filter and dual thermocouples, this multimeter can assist HVAC professionals and electrical engineers in maintaining, troubleshooting or fixing electrical systems even in the most challenging conditions.

What’s more, the AM-570 allows users to easily read both micro and milliamps, which is hardly found in the same segment multimeter.

Besides, it possesses a non-contact voltage measuring feature, which can detect up to 1000V voltage and 10A current

The most outstanding about this multimeter is that it’s indeed reasonably priced.

Unlike the Flukes’ digital multimeters with generally higher-than-average prices, the Amprobe AM-570 can reach more ordinary and tight-budget customers.

However, the main downside of this device is that it doesn’t look robust enough.

In terms of performance, it’s up to par with its Fluke counterparts because it has a slow auto-ranging speed, response time, and a limited detector range.


  • Compact design with True RMS technology
  • Low pass filter and low impedance
  • Non-contact voltage measuring feature
  • Reasonable price for ordinary customers


  • A bit low-end and flimsy look
  • Poor response time and auto-ranging speed
  • Quite limited detector range

Final Verdict: In a nutshell, though not the best electrician’s multimeter, the Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Digital Multimeter can be a perfect alternative for its more expensive Fluke counterpart.

Klein Tools MM700 electricians Digital Multimeter

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The Klein Tools MM700 Digital Multimeter has a compact and sturdy design, so you don’t have to care much about the wear and tear during its operation.

Also, it can withstand the shock of a 6.

5 feet drop and its probes are also very sturdy and easy to use.

Also equipped with a backlit display and True RMS, the Klein Tools MM700 is reputed for its accuracy in measuring various things from current, temperature, frequency to continuity, and capacitance.

Besides, with its low impedance mode, it can detect stray voltages with ease.

One great thing about this multimeter is that it possesses a user-friendly interface.

Even better, due to its auto-hold feature, users can effortlessly write down the reading.

Indeed, even inexperienced or apprenticed electricians can easily use the Klein Tools MM700.

However, some electricians say that they find this multimeter a little hard to carry around.

Its overall performance seems to go down slightly when measuring high current or after a few months of usage.

Also, many think that it’s a bit more expensive than other brands’ models.


  • Lightweight yet robust design
  • Backlit display and user-friendly interface
  • True RMS and low impedance mode
  • Suitability for new or apprentice electricians


  • Hard-to-carry design
  • Poor high current measurement
  • A bit high price

Final Verdict: Though a bit expensive and hard to carry, the Klein Tools MM700 can be one of the best multimeters for electrical engineers and electrician apprentices regarding what it offers.

Buying guide for the multimeter for electricians

Purchase purpose

The most important thing you should care about before purchasing any multimeter is your specific needs.

Because there are currently many multiples of all shapes and sizes and price ranges, it’s better if you are clear about what your device is mainly used for.

For example, the cheaper models can be the best multimeters for residential electricians or apprentices.

Simply because this multimeter gives you all you need for basic electric works such as current measurement or electric fixture repairs, etc.

However, the high-end models with more distinct features are indeed the best multimeters for commercial electricians or professional electrical engineers.

The reason is that they have to use a multimeter for more challenging and complicated works in industrial settings.

Accuracy percentage

The second thing that’s worth your attention is the necessity to select a multimeter with optimal accuracy.

To be more specific, if these two products are of the same price or the same look, you ought to opt for the one offering higher precision.

Generally, digital multimeter often offers higher accuracy than their analog counterparts.

You can look at the specifications of a multimeter to check out its accuracy percentage.

Remember that the smaller the percentage is, the higher the precision will be.

Safety feature

Last but not least, it’s hazardous to do electrical work, so you should not downplay the need to get the right tools, to be more specific, a safe multimeter.

Therefore, you should ensure that you purchase a multimeter with no defects or damage.

You can opt for the multimeter with safety ratings and certifications that reflect their protection and safety standards.

Any multimeter featuring CAT I, CAT II, or CAT III ratings is acceptable, but the one with a CAT IV rating will be the most suitable choice in terms of safety quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much data can a multimeter with data-saving features save? 

You can save up to 400 records in multimeters with data save ability such as some Fluke or Klein Tools models.

However, you’ll be able to know the previous precise records and measurements.

The amount of saved data is determined by the multimeters’ specific type and model.

To be specific, state-of-the-art and commercial multimeter save more data, while smaller and more common multimeters can record only the latest data.

Can all the multimeter test amps (current), volts, and ohms?

Of course.

The multimeter is designed to check and measure different electrical characteristics, including voltage, current, and resistance.

These three quantities are measured respectively in volts (V), amps (I), and ohms.

To remember them, you can think about a water pipe that has running water inside it.

The water pressure is like the voltage, the water flow rate is like the current, and the pipe’s circumference is like the resistance.

What are the best picks for HVAC purposes?

There are a lot of HVAC multimeters available on the current market.

The best multimeters for HVAC applications should be The Fluke 87-V, the Amprobe AM-570, the Klein Tools MM700, etc.

Do all Fluke voltmeters have weatherproof features?

Unfortunately, all Fluke multimeters have no weatherproof features.

However, they can withstand tear and wear from the environment.

Some commercial and advanced Fluke multimeters can be resistant to water to some extent.

Take The Fluke-28II as an example.

They have a waterproof, thicker, and more sturdy build to protect themselves from moisture, heat, or other impacts.

Is the digital multimeter better than its analog counterpart?

Generally speaking, a digital multimeter offers more reading accuracy as well as more comfortable to use.

In fact, digital multimeters are very popular with most professional electricians these days.

Hence, it’s highly recommended that you select the digital multimeter.

The final thought

In conclusion, a safe and accurate multimeter must be one of the important stuff in the electricians’ toolkit since it will save them from a lot of risks and irritating situations.

We hope that after reading our detailed reviews of the best multimeter for electricians, you’ll select what suits your needs.

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