Best Electrician Work Boots for You on the Job

A comfortable, shock-absorbing sole system and a non-conductive outsole are the three main features that together create the core of the best electrician work boots.

But HOW to find the most suitable one for your own safety while working with volatile wires and electrical hazards close by?

Don’t worry too much because you are going to get a list of the best work EH boots for electricians as well as important information to help you make the right purchase in this article.

  1. MY TOP PICK: Carhartt Men’s CMF6366
  2. RUNNER UP: Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8” Safety Toe Boots
  3. BEST PROTECTION: Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion Safety Toe
  4. PREMIUM PICK: Keen Utility CSA Philadelphia 1022081
  5. BEST BUDGET: Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Boot

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What are the Best Electrician Work Boots?

A typical pair of electrician work boots are made to protect your feet from electric shock and deliver insulation from the different temperatures of the ground. It’s also strong enough to provide protection from falling items that might land and hurt your feet.

Also, you should find the boots with a good grip so that you can step on any flooring or surface as well as ensuring your safety, stability, and balance.

Quick comparison Work boot

Product ImagesProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe BootCarhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot4.9 See Latest Price
Thorogood Men's American Heritage 8" Classic Plain ToeThorogood Men's American Heritage 8" 4.9
See Latest Price
Timberland PRO Men's Hyperion Waterproof XL Alloy SafetyTimberland PRO Men's Hyperion Waterproof XL 4.8
See Latest Price
KEEN Utility CSA Philadelphia+ 8" 600G WP Carbon-Fiber ToeKEEN Utility CSA Philadelphia+ 8" 600G WP4.8
See Latest Price
Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work BootIrish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot
4.8 See Latest Price

How Many Types of Electrician Work Boots?

Non-conductive and static-dissipating are two main types:

  • Non-conductive work boots come with thick soles that are made of an insulator like rubber, PU, EVA, etc. And all are often labeled as EH boots.
  • Static-dissipating work boots permit the flow of current. Although this sounds counter-intuitive, this type is able to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. For instance, if you often work at a place with liquids and combustible fumes, a buildup of static might spark a fire. So, wearing the static-dissipating boots keeps you safe since the static will pass out to the ground through the sole and lining. Just avoid using them somewhere with high voltages.

Additionally, It comes in many styles like sneakers, pull-on, loafers, ankle boots, oxfords, etc. They even have symbols on their boots’ shank, toe, or tongue to point out the protection they provide, such as:

  • A yellow square with the green letters of SD means anti-static protection.
  • A white square with an orange omega denotes electrical protection.
  • A red square with C in a black letter and a grounding symbol implies electrically conductive.

Importance of the Best Boots Electrician Needs

These work boots definitely deliver more quality time at work for electricians. Moreover, they are able to make them the center of attention as well as giving style and enhanced safety in the workplace. Ever so wonderfully, they play a vital role in making you feel comfortable no matter how long you are going to put them on.

And to help you pick the perfect pair, we’ve listed down 5 excellent work boots on the market in 2021.

5 Best Electrician Work Boots Reviews in 2021

#1 – Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 Boots – Best Overall

Carhartt Men's Best Electrician Work Boots


As our top choice, the Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 is the perfect footwear for electricians who want safety from falling items and protection from electric shocks.

With a rubber outsole, they are able to offer great protection. They also slip, chemical, and oil-resistant which is important for increasing the traction in every step you take. They even feature the important electrical hazard (EH) rating, which can protect you from being electrocuted when getting through your day by working close to dangerous elements like burning wires.

When it comes to comfort, set your mind at rest because these best electrician composite work boots allow you to wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. All thanks to a lightweight EVA midsole that gives multiple layers of cushioning for every step you take.

Just pay attention to its steel shanks since they might make the boots heavier for some users.

But overall, the Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 boasts offering you the necessary durability, including high-quality rubber outsole with abrasion-resistant heel bumpers and cement construction, to make the purchase worthy.


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Durable and versatile
  • 100% leather
  • Shock-absorbing rubber outsole
  • EH rated
  • More extra room for thick socks


  • Low breathability
  • Only water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Cheaply-made laces

#2 – Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8” Safety Toe Boots – Runner-up

Thorogood Men's Best Electrician Work Boots

If you want a high work boot to keep your ankle stable, instead of opting for the CMF6366, we suggest you should choose the 8” safety toe boot from Thorogood, a popular brand from Weinbrenner Shoe Company.


These boots feature a dual-density 900 outsole that provides extra comfort, support, and durability no matter where you go like steep grades, rough terrain, or ladders.

Moreover, they boast removable ultimate shock-absorption footbeds on Poron insoles to cradle your feet, making you feel comfortable while wearing them for a long time.

In terms of ASTM safety standards for electrical hazards, compression, and impact, the American Heritage is proud of satisfying all since it’s constructed with electric shock-resisting rubber soles and fiberglass shanks that are able to endure an application of 18,000 volts at 60Hz for 1 minute.

However, this footwear is not waterproof like the above one. Also, it is rather pricey, especially for those with a limited budget.


  • 100% oil-tanned leather
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Comfortable removable inserts
  • Extra support for ankles
  • Satisfies all safety standards
  • Made in the US


  • Small upper lace hooks

#3 – Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion Safety Toe Boot – Best Protection

Timberland PRO Men's Best Electrician Work Boots

Timberlands brought more protection to their PRO Hyperion series of electrician work boots.

First, let’s talk about its Vibram outsole. This feature is able to deliver resistance from oil, slip, and abrasion. Also, it gives secondary underfoot protection if electrical hazards accidentally happen like stepping on a live electrical circuit.

Next is a fantastic Anti-Fatigue technology that can absorb shock and return energy to key parts of your foot in order to offer you strength and stamina. And when it combines with a lightweight EVA midsole, it allows you to wear it for a long period without feeling uncomfortable. You don’t even have to break them in like the others.

And if both the best work boots for the industrial electrician above aren’t waterproof, this product boasts premium leather with a waterproof membrane to keep you fresh and dry all the time. Ever so wonderfully, they are seam-sealed to ensure no water soaks your feet.

One more issue that you should pay attention to when using all the notches because we found the metal pieces under two of the last notches might cause hurtful pressure against ankles.

On the whole, the Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion had essential features to protect your feet and improve your performance while working.


  • Lightweight and well-made
  • Comfortable with nice support
  • Ideal for flat and wide feet
  • Well-contoured insole for a great fit
  • No break-in periods
  • 30-day guarantee


  • Hard to clean
  • No insulation

#4 – Keen Utility CSA Philadelphia 1022081 Boot– Premium Pick

Keen Utility CSA Philadelphia Best Electrician Work Boots

If you have your pocket clicking with plenty of money and want a durable pair with all essential features for the best electrician work boots, no one can beat this pair from Keen Utility.

These boots feature full-grain leather that is resistant to barnyard acids as well as coming with a waterproof breathable membrane to lock out rain and humidity to offer extra warmth.

Meanwhile, the inside of the boots includes both Luftcell air-infused PU midsole and a removable, dual-density PolyAer PU footbed with more cushioning, which offers your feet more comfortable. And this is one of the best insoles for work boots electrician talks with each other on many online forums.

One more terrific thing is that the Keen Utility 1022081 comes with a ¾ welt construction balanced by a 90-degree heel and non-marking rubber outsole to keep your feet stand reassuringly on any surface.

Except for the high price, this item is indeed a fantastic, safe, and suitable work boot for electricians who have to work in harsh conditions all the time.


  • Warm boots
  • High-quality material
  • Great insulation
  • Super comfortable
  • Meets all the safety standards


  • Too pricey

#5 – Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work  Boot – Best Budget

Irish Setter Men's 6" Best Electrician Work Boots

One of the greatest benefits of having these workbooks from Irish Setter is that you only pay a small amount of money yet get a durable and high-quality item.

This footwear comes with 100% leather and a thick, white rubber sole that both look stylish and absorb shocks with ease. Aside from protecting you from the danger of electrical shock, the EVA outsole is heat-resistant, which makes an ideal choice for any high temperature of about 4750F.

Featuring a 13.5-inch boot opening with metal eyelets, you easily put it on/off while working in the electrical field. More importantly, you always get a snug and comfortable fit to your feet thanks to the non-woven nylon lining and padded collar on these boots.

Although these are soft-toe boots, not composite safety ones, they satisfy all the ASTM safety standards, making them ideal to be worn against electrical hazards.


  • A variety of sizes to choose
  • Easy to take off/on
  • Ideal for both working and hanging out
  • Great material and craftsmanship
  • Moderately high heel for stabilizing the feet


  • Not breathable
  • The mediocre bond between leather and sole

Must-read Electrician Work Boot Buyer’s Guide

Since choosing a good pair of boots for electricians is important, you need to be careful before making any purchase. If you have a name in your mind, please keep reading the following factors below to decide better.

Dependable protection

As an electrician, you often face up to risks of burning wires or other dangerous elements. Therefore, you need to pay attention to two important features, including Electrical Hazard (EH) rating and composite toes.

Make sure your chosen work boot has both factors because they are designed to prevent electricity from entering inside the boots as well as giving you the necessary protection for withstanding the damages of getting shocked with electricity.

Additionally, you should look for a thick rubber sole to stop the penetration of risky chemicals and substances into the footwear. More importantly, it prevents getting hurt from other sharp items that are common in the electrician’s working environment.

Last but not least, the soles need to be slip-resistant to protect you against slipping and come with steel protective toes to protect your feet against heavy falling items.

Maximum comfort

The next important thing is your comfort while wearing the new work boot. Imagine if you are uneasy and uncomfortable at work, your working performance will set back.

Normally, some factors that might create pain and discomfort are selecting the wrong size, the stiffness, and not breaking the footwear in beforehand.

If you select boots that are too tight, you cannot walk with ease, and your feet cannot breathe well. As a result, your feet might sweat and lead to fungal infections. Or if you select the bigger boots, you might get blisters.

Always remember to break the boots in by wearing them for a few hours before the day you actually use them. Relying on that, you can get the most comfortable fit.

And don’t forget to check their soul. If it’s too stiff, it restricts your movement and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Reliable durability

No electricians want to spend their money on boots that are tearing apart or wearing out after a few months. And so are you.

Hence, to ensure that this work boot lasts for a long time, please check the material carefully. The best thing is to choose footwear that is made out of leather or synthetic.

Besides, you should examine the bond between the upper and lower sole. Opt for the ones that come with the direct technique where molten rubber is availed as an adhesive to stick the two parts together.


People who work in railway lines and electrical trades for fixing electrical wires always need to keep their feet active. Hence, a lightweight and springy pair of work boots will help them bend and flex their feet easily without getting them twisted.

If the boot is too heavy, it will hold them back and weigh them down, making them feel tough while walking or running around and be more tired. Additionally, it might give them some leg cramps.

Thus, choose footwear that is made of breathable and lightweight material.

How to Care for these Electrician Work Boots?

Keep in mind that when you take good care of your boots, they will continue to take care of you.

Break in the work boots

You need to break your new work boots in by wearing them for several days to a week. Avoid wearing them too soon or they might create unnecessary blisters and hot spots.

If you want to increase the break-in time, simply apply a conditioner. But please wait until the boots are broken in a bit before performing.

Clean and waterproof

The first step is to clean the boots with a water-based cleaning agent and a nylon brush. Be careful and gentle when brushing the seams and shoelaces to ensure all the dirt is removed. In case you have those best electrician work boots with no laces, cleaning seems easier.

Then condition them with mink oil, let them dry, and wipe the oil off with another clean cloth. Next, to protect them from wet conditions, you need to apply a suitable waterproof agent.

Try to consider water-based waterproof products because they don’t obstruct the breathability of leather footwear and make the leather stretch and affect the fit of your foot. Also, you easily apply them on wet or dry boots.

Care for your old work boots

After a while, your new boots will turn to the old ones.

So, what you should do to keep it in a good condition is to clean off the accumulation of dirt and wax from extreme waterproofing and oiling. Depending on the age and condition of the boots, you might repeat this process several times.

Applying a leather conditioner is a good idea to prevent your old boots from being dry and stiff as they age.

Additionally, cleaning the inside of the boots with a low PH shampoo is necessary to get rid of odor, dirt, or dead skin. In case you have smelly feet, remember to spray the inside with an odor sprayer.

Lastly, don’t forget to apply a water-based waterproof product to keep your work boots last longer.


What are electrical safety shoe standards?

The electrical safety shoe standards point out how long the work boots can withstand a large electricity voltage. And there are two important standards, including:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) means your boots can deal with 18,000 volts of electricity for at least one minute.
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) is another way to help you check the boots’ electric resistance, like the ASTM F2413-11 (Performance Requirements for Protective (Safety) Toe Cap Footwear) or ASTM F2412-11 (Standards Specification for Performance Requirements).

 What are the differences between insulated work boots and heat-resistant ones?

The BIG difference is that these insulated work boots are for electricians who have to deal with electricity issues. Meanwhile, heat-resistant work boots are necessary for welders or mechanics because they have to contact high temperature, hot-burning metal, and electrical spark.

 Should my boots be waterproof?

Of course, YES.

No matter where you are working, outdoors or indoors, you’ll run into a wet day. So, ensure your work boots are as waterproof as they could be. And even if they are labeled “waterproof,” we suggest you should apply a waterproof agent every few months.

And don’t forget to keep your footwear clean and condition it to increase the lifespan.

Can steel toes ever be dangerous?

Although steel toes are not required for electricians, you can opt for them since they are able to protect your toes from falling items.

Also, they are covered with thick non-conductive material like leather and rubber, so you don’t have to worry that the cap might catch you a shock when your feet reach a wire.

What is Your Final Decision After All?

We are sure you will take your safety to the next level with the best electrician work boots above. Always remember the important factors and make sure you know what you want in this footwear. Then we believe you can make the right choice.

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